As we used in this Cancellation & Refund Policy, Words “We” (or) “Our” (or) “Us” (or) “Company” (or) “Organization” (or) “Platform” shall mean the “KVR Scientific Services” and/or “KVRSS” and/or “KVRSS Group” and/or “” and/or “KVR Book Central” and/or “KVRBC”. Any references to “You” (or) “Your” (or) “User” (or) “Client” (or) “Customer” (or) “Seller” (or) “Buyer” shall mean any person (or) entity using our Platform.

This platform has taken collaboration with Avenues India Pvt Ltd (CCAvenue Payment Gateway), India for online payments. Whenever clients (or) customers of this platform are paying through our payment gateway indicates that they are also obeying the CCAvenue’s Cancellation and Refund Policy along with KVRBC’s Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

Your amount will be refunded in following cases 1. It showed transaction failure but money was debited from your account, 2. Certain cases, if reason furnished by customer is acceptable.

In any case of failure transactions and if amount is debited from your account and if we received same to our account, upon confirmation, we will refund the money after deducting the cancellation charges, if any (Bank and payment gate way charges (or) any other charges depends on location of user).

In any case of failure transactions and if amount is debited from your account but if we have not received that amount to our account, then those transactions will be automatically settled from payment gateway itself.

Cancellation Policy

You will be allowed to cancel any order before its shipping on this platform and your amount will be refunded after deducting bank and/or payment gate way charges and/or any other additional charges depends on the location of user. While transferring refundable amount, charges will be applicable on refundable amount depends on mode of payment transfer like PayPal/Western Money Transfer etc.

After shipping of goods/books/book chapters, no cancellation will be allowed. New books are published and selling by KVRBC platform. Hence, we are responsible for its shipping/delivery, cancellations and refunds but we are not responsible for used books. In case of cancellation/refund of used books, it is the responsibility of both parties (buyer/seller) and we are not responsible for that.

In case of donated books, these are available free of charge and upon discussion between donor and needy people/students should fix the further processing like shipping/delivery of those books etc on their own.

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