Even we are in the modern technology era, the traditional publishers are not supporting the publishing of books in many categories as well as they are not accepting the manuscripts directly from the authors! It is a tedious process like First, authors have to send the request letter to the publisher by specifying the brief information about the book to be published. After accepting the request by the publisher, then the authors can submit the manuscript. In case of the modern publishers, they are focusing on the specific topics / areas (scientific works, etc)! Some publishers are asking for too much documentation to publish a book. Some authors are willing to publish book chapters instead of publishing an entire book. Because of these many difficulties as well as choices of authors, many authors are not showing their interest in publishing the books. Therefore, there is a necessity to have the best publishing house in a view to fulfill the dreams of every book lover / writer.

Current difficulties

Some publishers are limited to:

  • Publish books in certain languages only.
  • Publish whole book only.
  • Publish printed books only.
  • Publish eBooks only.
  • Distribute books in certain regions only.
  • Selling books in offline only.

    Other drawbacks are as following but not limited to the below.

  • Many traditional publishers are not technically strong. Because of this, authors are not getting a reputation for their books.
  • Offline publishing of books.
  • More documentation and agreements.
  • Minimal / no distribution channel.

    In a view to avoid the above difficulties and simplify the publishing of quality books / book chapters, we have established an international book publishing house, namely KVR Book Central.

    Who are we?

    KVR Book Central is managing by the KVR Publishing Hub which is a subsidiary unit of the KVRSS Group. In this modern digital / technology era, people are expecting to have every service at their doorstep. To simplify every step of the book publishing, KVR Book Central has taken a step to deploy the advanced technology in book publishing industry. Because of this, authors can save the time, money, etc.

    Publication types

    Open Access Publication: Books / book chapters, published under the Open Access, are available for free access. E.g.: eBooks / eBook chapters.

    Hybrid Publication: Books / book chapters, published under the Hybrid publication, are not available for free access. To get access, users have to pay the subscription fee (or) should buy a hard copy.

    Highlights of KVR Book Central

    We have deployed an advanced technology to simplify the author's works. The following are the unique features of KVR Book Central.

  • Publishes books / book chapters in any language.
  • Publishes eBooks / eBook chapters.
  • Publishes books / book chapters in open access.
  • Publishes books / book chapters in hybrid mode publication.
  • Distributes books across the globe.
  • Availability of books online on KVR Book Central and major ecommerce platforms like amazon, etc. Read More
  • Indexing in various indexing platforms like Book Citation Index (Clarivate), Google Scholar, etc. Read More
  • Inclusion of authors in Who Am I? Directory. Read More
  • Provides free eProfilePedia account for managing their profile and stats, etc! Read More
  • Publishes books in both offline and online as per the suggestions / requirements of the authors.
  • Provides the training on publishing of books.
  • Making availability of books online and order receiving 24/7.
  • There are many benefits for the editors and authors. Read More

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