As we used in this Terms and Conditions (T&Cs/TCs), Words “We” (or) “Our” (or) “Us” (or) “Company” (or) “Organization” (or) “Platform” shall mean the and/or KVR Book Central and/or KVRBC. Any references to “You” (or) “Your” (or) “User” (or) “Client” (or) “Customer” (or) “Buyer” shall mean any person (or) entity using our Platform. Whoever accessing (or) taking our services must agree our TCs of this platform. By using this Platform, you agree our TCs and if you do not agree, then please do not use this platform.

Our TCs are as following.
This platform shall responsible for the content updated by the team of this platform.
This platform uses cookies, therefore, by using this platform you are agreeing cookies policy.
This Platform is utilizing services of other companies / organizations / any third party service providers.
Quarterly payout will be applicable on the author royalty.
This platform will take some services from external service providers. Therefore, by using this platform, you are also agreeing their policies.
This platform has reserved right to block any user account, if they are not followed our policies / guidelines / rules and regulations at anytime.
In case of any disputes, all those disputes will be discussed and/or settled under the Jurisdiction of Honourable District Court, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Apart from the above TCs, by using this platform, you are also agreeing our entire policies, guidelines, rules and regulations, wherever applicable.

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